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and then there was towntek... bringing fame to businesses around the world through proper utilization of the web.

Strategic Email Marketing:

We can utilize your web site to harvest your customer's emails. The possibilities for this marketing method are unlimited. From our experience we have found it a very effective method of exposing customers to sales via special offers and buying opportunities.

Note: Marketing via email to existing customers is not considered spam.

::Internet Marketing Via Flash Evite Campaigns::

Why Should I Promote my site or event? The more people that come to your site and understand it, the better chance you have of gaining clients or selling products. Its that simple. Business on the Internet is about visibility and user/client satisfaction. Spend all of the money you want on a web site, if the above qualities aren't taken into consideration you might as well not have a web site.

The most important element of a good web site is that people can see it and understand it - if your web site isn't accessible, you will lose visitors. If it does poorly in the search engines, you're losing potential visitors. With those two points you are diminishing the amount of traffic that comes to your site. Now, if the visitors that arrive to your web site leave because it takes too long to download or because the information is difficult to find or understand - you are losing clients. Optimizing your site results in better Internet business.

Search Engine Placement:

Search engines receive millions of visitors every hour and can be strategically utilized to drive traffic to your web site. Some of the perks of good placement on search engines is the low cost but effective exposure your web site will get.

What is required to rank well on search engines? This aspect of internet marketing is all but an art in itself. Your web site along with your competition has to be specially analyzed and formulated to be found and ranked well in each search engine's placement system. There are many different variables to consider when optimizing a web site for search engine placement.

We offer our expertise in this area as one of our many services. Using our extensive knowledge of search engine methods of placement, we can optimize your site to achieve optimal placement. Keep in mind if inquiring about this service our prices per key phrase will start at an initial 3000.00 plus a monthly fee.

Our search engine placement service rates vary from project to project.

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